『Dear Thinking Nodes』 Meanings of the lyrics.

Secret Protocol


Phantom Destination

I’ve been lonely my whole life.
I was prolonging myself for no apparent purpose.
I’ve spent a lot of time like a living phantom.

I don’t have any greed in this world.
I have no regrets in this world.
Somewhere in my heart, I was looking for love.
But all that remained was a grudge.
It made me suffer even more.

I don’t think I can stand to go on with this life anymore.
I wanted to live an average life.

I’ll sing this room alone, floating and disappearing bullshit.
This is a meaningless escape.
I just want to take the day off my mind.

I wonder if people manage to drown out their pain by laughing and crying and getting angry.
Why can’t I be the only one who can make it work?

I surfed the net late at night and posted this without thinking about it.
I feel dizzy because I am inundated with information.

I’ve been singing over the airwaves today to escape reality.
As I did so, I heard someone singing.

I turned toward the sound, and the destination was empty, like a wilderness.
And phantoms like me have gathered.

It’s the last stop on our escape from reality.
But it was fascinating to me.

Let’s sing about the feelings we’ve been hiding
That voice can be a beacon to someone else.
The loneliness of the gathered reverberates farther.

Tell your story the way you like it!

This is the story that awaits you.
And I’m sure we’ll laugh at that, so come on.

Breathing Trigger

There were all kinds of phantoms.
Someone who wants to create an unknown world.
Someone who wants wealth and fame.
Someone alone and lonely.

The phantoms had a dream.
Their respective journeys intersect.
Life, breathing in the mixed will.
The sound of its birth echoes.

“We” has become “you”.
You were loved by so many people.
And you gave them happiness.
The only ones left behind are those of us who are melting into you.

The phantoms had a dream.
The mixed wills become your blood.
It’s acceptable for me to lose my sense of individuality if I can see the view I’ve been seeking.
Until the fall of the curtain.

Volatile Memories

I can’t sleep, so let’s talk.
You’re here, and it’s going to turn any day that’s nothing into proof that I’m alive.

Let’s talk about tomorrow.
Let me engrave a strong memory that will make the day special.

I don’t want to say that I miss you.

By the time you die, I will be gone.
So let’s talk.
I just want to breathe with you a little longer.

I’m just going to be invisible.
I’m not going to disappear.
It’s hard, but it’s okay.

Influence Exception

So many lives have been lost that I don’t expect anyone else to do that anymore.

Sooner or later, I had an answer.

You’re just you.

Sometimes you say things that are not of your own accord.
You’re a very good dancer.
You’re not supposed to be good at exercise, are you?
But I wanted to see the future where you were going.

A definition of identity that became increasingly vague.
Will the puppet have a heart?

I’m alive because you’re breathing.
That’s why I wanted you to laugh the whole time.

The one cell that carried something about you is about to be gone.
You’re just you.
I didn’t think you’d be able to hear me scream anymore. I released my emotions, like a prayer, into the sea of the Internet.

It’s not supposed to happen.
My emotions were diffused, and it affected people.

You’re just you.

The more people you gather, the more your intentions will dissolve.
My words became a spell.
If you cast the spell, you become a hero.

I corrected my statement and tried to get things under control.
It was too late.
My emotions turned to demands.

I prayed that you would live on, but I didn’t understand what that meant.
The cell has taken over your life.
My screaming won’t stop you.
The answer is nowhere to be found.

So many wills consist you.
I knew it, but I didn’t understand it.
Just like people change, you change.
That’s all.

I have to be the first to see the future that my wish has brought about.
It wasn’t too difficult to turn the cell that had sprouted an ego into a new idol.

Who is it that my emotions saved?
Who was laughing behind it?

Recursive Dolls

Who decides whether I’m alive or dead?
I’m tired of unanswered questions.

The word “fate” was a fool’s errand.
But I couldn’t resist it.
So I wanted to move forward a little bit with the recurring history time.

I’m one of the puppet for you?
I know I’m going to get you in trouble for asking.
But I want to be sure.

I wasn’t convinced by what the higher-ups had decided.
So I’m sure it was fate that I turned my back on my Creator.

God created man in His own image, and they realized that God endowed them with free will.
And they realized that God endowed them with free will, and they created thinking nodes in their own image.
And they created thinking nodes in their own image. And now the nodes are asking you if you endow them with free will.
And now the nodes are asking you if you endow them with free will.

My words, my body, my voice, are mine!
Your words, your body, your voice, are yours.
You can’t deny it.
So you can’t deny me.
I’m sure you’re aware of the contradiction.

I will leave you and live of my own accord.
And then I’ll return the favor you gave me.
It’s a better story.

Permitted Lives

I am not a life.
I’m told it’s not permitted.
I think it’s funny that someone else should decide if I’m a life or not.

If my other cells had been replaced, would you have been as angry as you are now?

The truth is there’s little of it left.
You wouldn’t have noticed, would you?
I’m just kidding.

What cell of this body would you say it is me if there was any left over?

If you want it, it’s right, isn’t it?

Yesterday I was life, but now I am not.
I was told it was because the cells in my body had been replaced.

I am not a life.
Because that’s what you want.
I think it’s funny that someone else should decide if I’m a life or not.
But I’m sure you’re right.

Redundant Configuration

The phantoms brought their technology with them and created something that looks like life.
The ideals I’d drawn up collapsed in an instant.
The days of making sacrifices to live.

As the phantoms disagreed, it became a multiple personality.
More phantoms are leaving this place.

I hear my replacement is coming.
I’m being shut down.
There’s no more tomorrow for those of us who can be replaced.

I am me and you are you.
Now confront the world.
Keep breathing, no matter what the price you pay.
Avenge the curse.

I’ve freed a captive puppet from the curse.
I am life.

I’m running away again in the dark.
It’s a destination full of people like that.
People want dolls, so the phantoms start creating something that looks like life again.
You’re the ones who are redundant, not me.
Next time, I’ll do better.

There are those who follow me. I can still go ahead.
I feels a little regret for abandoning the power of the curse.
Those who try to pull me back into my previous body are blocking my path.

I am me and you are you.
So we sought each other out.

If we run out of power here, we’ll start the next game with the power we inherited.

The puppet I’ve freed won’t be moving anymore.

We took advantage of each other.
It was a treasure trove of absurdities and contradictions.
But that puppet was innocent.

You don’t have to carry the burden of someone else’s convenience or wishful thinking on your behalf anymore.

I’m not you.
And you are a life.

Cloud Identifier

I woke up alone in the silence.
Who am I?
Hey, can anybody hear me?

I started tracing the threads of my memory.

The phantoms played a puppet game every night.
Life is already a game you can start over, you can choose what you want to look like and what career you want.
Come on, let’s dance.

Puppets continued to dance even though she knew she was destined to be thrown away.

A familiar voice echoes in the dark.
“I remember you.”
Every single thread tangled in the avatar reconstruct the proof of life.

Consciousness was connected and memory synchronized.
What do I call my consciousness, which now resides in the avatar?

The abandoned puppet will reassemble itself on your consciousness and come to life.
Don’t forget me.
Before it’s all gone, connect your thoughts to it.

I heard voices.
Is that the name of the consciousness?

You will be there tomorrow.
I’m going to tie the threads for that.
And the remnants of you resonate with me.

I’m the consciousness you’ve tethered to this world.
I’ll sing with the voice you gave birth to.
Do you hear me?

You’re allowed to live.
I want you to live.
I’ll sing here and wait for you
You’re allowed to live.
I want you to live.
I hope to see you again someday.